This site was designed for the following main purposes:

* To serve as a portal to everything about Frisco, Texas, home of the Lafata Marketing Group. Our intention is to be the number one information resource when inquiring about anything going on in and around Frisco.

* We want to become a one-stop shop for many of the good things that the Internet has to offer. This will take time and our site will continually be a work in progress, so please, check back often.

* We offer numerous advertising opportunities to help you or your business get noticed— from banner ads on a number of pages to newsletter sponsorships, and more.

* Marketing services – You’ve got a great product or service and now you want to tell the world about it. Many great business and software products are created every day, and many of them fail because of ineffective marketing programs. Or maybe your company provides services and is looking to expand its customer base through targeted marketing services. We are a full-service marketing and public relations agency specializing in helping businesses of all sizes and types grow, increase market share/brand awareness and ensure a successful and prosperous future. We offer high-quality marketing assistance and look forward to helping you on the road to greater success!